Cabo San Lucas and El Arco

You just cannot visit Cabo San Lucas without taking note of one of its most visual (and free) attractions – El Arco, or in English, Land’s End. The breathtaking rock formation emerges from the sea in arches on the most southern tip of Baja California, and is the perfect photo opportunity or a great destination for snorkeling and diving.

The famed Cabo landmark is a visual representation of the point where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean and the shapes carved into the rocks reflect the conflict of the two great bodies of water.

Legend has it that the name of El Arco in its English form, known as “Land’s End” comes from the notion that if you were to travel south from the Cabo rock formation, you would arrive to the South Pole having never touched another land mass. Luckily, most tourists don’t try their luck kayaking to the South Pole and enjoy more leisurely pursuits around the natural wonder.

In fact, getting to Land’s end is fairly easy if you want to see the arches up close. From Cabo San Lucas Marina, you can hire a yacht charter or take a water taxi, of which there are some that have glass bottoms. Once you arrive to El Arco, you can enjoy a quick tour by boat or take a closer look, spending an afternoon or more on the beaches there.

The beaches at Cabo San Lucas’ Lands End are pretty fascinating as they are the only beaches on the globe that offer access to both a sea and an ocean. On one side you have Lover’s Beach, with its soft yellow sand and swimmable water, while on the other you have Divorce Beach where it is never recommended to swim. These two beach are joined by a cave that offers a tunnel from one beach to the next.

Snorkeling and scuba diving here is also great fun, with easy currents and warm water temperatures to make your exploration underwater all the more pleasant. There are a number of brightly colored fish and marine life waiting to greet you. The area is also a common breeding ground for pelicans, so watch out for bombers diving into the sea to fish their next meal. You may be lucky enough to see sea lions, who are commonly found in this part of Cabo San Lucas.

Your vacation in Cabo San Lucas will simply not be complete without uploading a photograph of Lands End on Facebook or Instagram.


Author: Kristen Holmes