Beach Rentals – How does Puerto Vallarta Compete?

Puerto Vallarta is a great spot for beach rentals with a number of agencies and resorts that offer some great opportunities to rent right next to the beach. Because of its long coastline you can find all sorts of offers in Puerto Vallarta from millionaire mansions to quaint condos.

Private Beach Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

If you are considering organizing your own rental by going direct to the owner in Puerto Vallarta, you would be wise to check out the reviews for each place and even see if you can contact past owners. Private rentals are really hit or miss. It is not uncommon to be left disappointed if you don’t do your research. It is usually a safer idea to rent via an agent who you can ask to send recent photographs and go and check out the rental first hand.

Timeshare Rentals

An often untapped market that could get you an excellent deal are timeshare rentals. Timeshare accommodations are usually much bigger than standard hotel rooms and you get the added bonus of staying in a hotel resort with all the facilities that come with it. In Puerto Vallarta, renting a timeshare unit also means that you are likely to have access to the best beaches as well as enjoy all the waiter services and beach loungers that make a day at the beach all the more comfortable.

Villas and Mansions

You would be surprised by the number of stunning villas you can rent in Puerto Vallarta, many sat right on the water’s edge. These properties for rent tend to be on the road south out of Puerto Vallarta towards Garza Blanca Beach or to the north in the direction of Punta Mita. There are various websites on-line dealing with luxury rentals in Puerto Vallarta.

In terms of beach rentals, Puerto Vallarta is teeming with potential as well as demand, so you would do well to reserve in advance to secure a top place.


Author: Kristen Holmes