ATV Fun Tours in Cabo San Lucas

The wild side of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, is found perfectly represented in the range of ATV Tours that are available. If you want to experience some excitement and exhilaration, or otherwise get your blood pumping, on the 21 mile slice of heaven while taking in the awesome scenery then these tours in Cabo San Lucas are undoubtedly for you. Whether you want to race through the dunes or cruise through a 200 year old Indian Village you’ll find what you want in an Cabo ATV tour.

ATV Tours in Cabo San Lucas

It isn’t hard to see just why an ATV tour is the best way to see the Baja California peninsula; the rugged terrain is both challenging and beautiful. Even locals will tell you that an ATV is the best way to get the most out of your visit. So why not take a firm grip of the handlebars, feel the wind in your hair and go exploring with your friends and family throughout Los Cabos? You’ll be able to see places like “La Candelaria,” Migriño Beach and Desert, and “Los Paredones” at your own pace and leisure.

ATV Tours to La Candelaria Near Cabo San Lucas

La Candelaria can be found 25 miles northward of Cabo San Lucas and is a truly remarkable place. This 200 year old Indian village is known for both black and white magic and is a very popular destination for those on ATV tours. The village of La Candelaria houses just 60 people and provides an interesting insight into traditional ways of living as well as a stark contrast to the luxury of Los Cabos.

ATV Tours to Migriño Beach, Los Cabos

Migriño Beach is an open expanse of soft sands, gentle waves and plentiful wildlife that is perfect for a sunset, or sunrise, ATV tour ride. This 3 mile stretch of beach hugs the Baja California coastline and provides the perfect place to let loose and get to grips with the thrill of an ATV adventure. The vast swathe of sands which connect with the desert as well as Los Paredones (where 100 foot cliffs can be found towering above the ocean waves) and several dry river beds makes for an inspiring ride. Anyone who seeks to connect with the raw and wild side of the Baja peninsula should sign up for this highly sought after tour.

Choose an ATV tour in Cabo San Lucas and live life to the full!

Author: Kristen Holmes