All Inclusive Resorts: Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is renowned for excellent quality all inclusive resorts offering great discounts and package deals. To get the best prices on an all inclusive deal you should book as early as possible and pay attention to discounts offered through social media sources. It is a good idea to follow reputable hotels and resorts on networks like Facebook and Twitter as they frequently announce special packages and discounts such as Weekend Sales, or Black Friday Bonanzas.

Unlike many destinations that have a great selection of all inclusive resorts, Cabo San Lucas as a location has lots to offer its visitors. In the past, the tendency was for all inclusive hotels to be a necessity when staying in places where it was unsafe to go out at night, or where there was very little development, such as many of the Caribbean Islands or Indian Ocean destinations. Cabo San Lucas, on the other hand, has lots to offer visitors, and opting for all inclusive is more for convenience and quality of restaurants than other concerns.

When choosing an all inclusive resort in Cabo San Lucas, make sure you select somewhere with both buffet and a la carte menus. Also check to see how many restaurants there are in the resort and if there is a special room service menu for all inclusive guests. Somewhere like Villa del Palmar Resort & Spa provides a great selection of places to eat as well as reasonable prices. Here you can also mix and match your vacation, buying all inclusive passes for just a few days rather than for the whole of your stay.

Finally, once you have eaten and drunk yourself silly in your all inclusive resort, you might want to think about taking advantage of some of the amazing activities you can do in Cabo San Lucas. During the winter months, whale watching tours are a must while a camel ride along the beach might add a spark of life to you hangover!


Author: Kristen Holmes