5 Ways to Avoid a Bad Vacation

Avoid a Bad Vacation

Does bad luck seem to follow you when you go on vacation? When you go on vacation does it pour down rain, a hurricane just pop up, then the shower in your hotel doesn’t work? Here are 5 ways to avoid a bad vacation:

  1. Try to Visualize the Vacation of your Dreams
  2. It might sound like a new age thing, but the first tip to avoid a bad vacation is to visualize the vacation before you go. Don’t think about all the bad things that can happen on the vacation, but try to visualize you arriving on time for your airplane flight, then arriving at the hotel and everything is wonderful, then going to the beach and it is fantastic, and eating the best foods possible. When you want to really try to visualize your vacation you should do it early Sunday morning before you get out of bed when it is nice and quiet, or after you have just meditated. This is the best time to try to visualize your vacation.

  3. Stay within your means on Vacation
  4. Go on a vacation that you can afford, so you can actually enjoy it. You will be miserable if you go on vacation that you can’t afford, then you notice within a day or two you are running out of money. Wouldn’t it be better to just stay within your means and go on vacation that you can afford? You would have the money to shop, dine, and have fun when you stay within your means with a vacation. You may want to consider a vacation location that offers cheap flights, then that gives you more money for a nicer hotel or resort.

  5. Research Vacation Locations
  6. You should really be practical when you start to research your vacation by only researching vacation spots that you can afford. Just because all your friends and family are going someone that is fashionable and hip doesn’t mean that has to be the vacation destination for you. You must select a vacation that you will enjoy. Don’t go to Paris or Milan if you are not into fashion or trendy art, or you won’t want to go to the Rockies if you don’t ski and you would rather be laying on the beach. It’s common sense that you research a vacation that you love, not someone else.

  7. Vacation Near Home
  8. Vacation near home is always a good idea if you have little children, because the flights are shorter, and children and flights seem to not mix, especially if it is a long flight. Unless you are an adventurer and get excited to go to Australia, India, or Thailand, then stay close to home. Remember, your vacation shouldn’t be work, but stress free. Vacationing near your home will save you money on everything too.

  9. Insurance is Important
  10. Vacation insurance is important for any vacation. Vacation insurance will make things all better when something occurs that could really turn your vacation into a disaster. If you are going on a vacation that is known for hurricanes, then insurance will cover you for resort and flight cancellations. It might be wise to add medical coverage to your vacation insurance for sickness and accidents. Vacation insurance will also cover you if you lose your passports.

Author: Kristen Holmes