1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway

This week I had a few missed calls from a number I didn’t recognize: 1 877 216 4046. When I eventually answered the call, I discovered it was a telesales travel agent, selling cheap vacation packages for Mexico. The name of the company was Today Getaway. I was just on my way out for the day, and wasn’t able to take the call, so I took the website details and promised the Today Getaway agent that I would take a look at the website and get back to her. She was a little insistent at first, until she realized that I was in a rush.

Although I have no plans for a vacation in Mexico, it got my mind to thinking about this company and whether Today Getaway is a scam or the real deal. That evening I began investigating 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway to see what the company offers vacationers and what Today Getaway customer reviews are like.

I was surprised to find that the 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway website is very professional, offering really cheap – and I mean really cheap! – vacation accommodation packages for Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Loreto, Mexico and Orlando, USA. To be honest, at first it looked like a scam (even to me, a vacation expert!) the prices seemed far too good to be true. Yet the Url for 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway was genuinely registered and the information on the website was comprehensive and well written (a sign of a genuine website). Anyhow, it wasn’t long before I found what I thought to be the catch … you have to call the toll free number to make a reservation.

The number I had to call was the same number I had seen registered on my phone 1 877 216 4046, so I dialed. I didn’t have to wait very long to be attended by a 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway agent and was greeted by a pleasant agent named Juan who began the usual sales pitch about vacations in Mexico. Before I could see about making a reservation. Juan said he needed to ask me some questions to find out if I qualified for the 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway discount… then it all made sense and I was reassured it wasn’t a scam!

The reason the deals are so cheap are because 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway has a special rate for those who agree to take a sales tour when they arrive. This is a genuine offer for those who meet certain criteria, which is why you need to speak to someone on the telephone rather than make a direct reservation online. This a a relatively common type of offer, and can provide you with really low price all inclusive accommodation packages if you match the profile 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway are looking for.

Once I discovered the logical reason for such low price all inclusive Mexico packages, I realized I could safely tell me followers this is not a scam. Check out the website and give 1 877 216 4046 Today Getaway a call if Mexico is next on your bucket list. Let me know how it went to keep other readers up-to-date.

Author: Kristen Holmes