What Things to Pack for a Mexico Vacation

What Things to Pack for a Mexico Vacation

This is an article for those planning a beach vacation to Mexico, providing some key advice about what things to pack and what items are not necessary.

Taking a Mexico vacation is pretty stress free and simple; deciding what things to pack for a Mexico vacation should be easy. Mexico’s beach destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and Cancun are highly westernized with supermarkets (even Wal-Mart!!!) where you will find most of the things you might need, should you forget your toothbrush or beach towel.

However, if you have allergies or special requirements, you might find that the brands available in Mexico are not the same as back home, so be careful to bring any creams or items that could be difficult to find.

What Things to Pack for a Mexico Vacation

What things to pack for a Mexico vacation


Bring all the medication that you might need, including allergy tablets (you will be able to buy them in Mexico, but you might not find the brand that you like) and regular medication. Beware that specialized medication may not be available in Mexico, so be sure to bring enough for your entire stay.


You will certainly want to take lots of photographs while you are in Mexico. A waterproof camera is an extra bonus to take snorkeling, diving or even paddleboarding.

Your favorite sun creams

SPF sun protection is essential for Mexico’s beaches and are a sure thing to pack for a Mexico vacation if you have a particular brand that suits your skin. Otherwise you can buy it in Mexico, although you might find it is more expensive than back home.

Swimsuit and Beach Clothes

Even in winter you will be wearing summer clothes on Mexico’s beaches. Don’t forget your swimsuit. A light sweater is a good idea for cooler evenings.

What things you don’t need to pack for a Mexico vacation

Travelers Cheques

It is also impossible to spend and hard to change Travelers Cheques in Mexico, and you will have to go to the bank. Bring dollars or Mexican Pesos, or better still draw out local money from an ATM at the airport.

Your Problems

Leave your troubles behind!

Author: Kristen Holmes