Review: Timeshare Advisors

There are various types of timeshare advisors: those who will help you before you purchase a timeshare, advisors who help during the buying process on behalf of the timeshare company and timeshare advisors that will guide you if you wish to sell, buy a resale or cancel your timeshare.

Pre-Sale timeshare Advisors

These kinds of advisors will give you the lowdown on timeshare and what the options are for those looking to invest in vacation ownership. There are many timeshare advisor websites with useful articles and information for potential timeshare buyers to explore before attending a timeshare presentation.

timeshare Advisors on the Sales Floor

When you are in the throes of a timeshare presentation, it is hard to remember all the advice you were given by a timeshare advisor, remembering all the questions you should ask and so forth. Luckily, once you have decided to buy a timeshare, most reputable timeshare companies will have a timeshare advisor on site who will talk you through your contract to make sure you understand all the implications of your purchase.

Post-Sale timeshare Advisors

Following your timeshare purchase, most timeshare owners are happy with their investment, going on to enjoy a lifetime of vacations. However, in some cases, you may need to consult a timeshare advisor if you have been involved in a scam or wish to sell your timeshare.

Do You Really Want to Cancel Your Timeshare?

Author: Kristen Holmes