Owner Direct Timeshare Rentals

Whether you are a timeshare owner who wants to rent your timeshare or you are looking to rent a vacation apartment, the information in this post will be of use. There are various advantages and some disadvantages of renting properties privately which will be discussed below.

Firstly, the benefit of renting your timeshare directly is that you avoid additional fees and commissions charged by agencies. This means that you are able to take advantage of very competitive rates. There is no middleman that you have to pay and you can make a relatively good return. Also, there are a lot of agencies out there on the net who have ulterior motives and many have fallen foul of a scam by trusting online timeshare agents.

Secondly, if you are the one renting your timeshare, you will have peace of mind about who you are renting your unit to. With direct contact you can make your own judgement about the reliability of the people who will be using your home away from home. You may even arrange to meet them or connect through social media.

The other issue to consider as someone who is going to rent a timeshare for their own use is that timeshare apartments are guaranteed quality. If you are renting a timeshare you can be assured that the quality of the unit will be good and well maintained as maintenance fees are compulsory. You also gain the benefit of the expertise of the timeshare company in terms of location and resort facilities.

Renting a timeshare is also a good way to test out whether or not to buy your own timeshare. Renting direct from the owner will give you an idea of what it is like. Similarly, if you want to see if timeshare is an option for you, you could approach reputable operators and see if they have any special deals for you to try out the timeshare experience.

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Author: Kristen Holmes