Mexican Timeshare Solutions – Buyer Beware!

Mexican Timeshare Solutions - Buyer Beware!

Have you read about Mexican Timeshare Solutions company or heard negative information about them? Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a fraudulent timeshare cancellation company that makes money off innocent victims that they scam. Mexican Timeshare Solutions also tries to discredit one of the top and award-winning resort providers in Mexico which is the Villa Group Resorts. Don’t fall victim to this dishonest company, and make sure to do your research before you yourself get scammed!

Mexican Timeshare Solutions

Do you wonder why Mexican Timeshare Solutions tries to discredit a genuine resort and vacation club provider like the Villa Group? The reason is that Mexican Timeshare Solutions is a company that claims to offer cancellation services for individuals who do not want their timeshare membership anymore. Because of this, they do their best to create a sense of fear or urgency with their potential clients, and do their best to misrepresent themselves in order to earn more business. If Mexican Timeshare Solutions were honest about the fact that today’s timeshare memberships are a great investment, they would be out of business. Therefore, they continue to try to discredit genuine timeshare companies like the Villa Group to make a fast buck off innocent and unsuspecting victims.

Villa Group Timeshares – How Mexican Timeshare Solutions Tries to Operate

The truth is, timeshare memberships with any company including the Villa Group can only be cancelled during the cooling off period which is generally 5-14 days after your membership contract is signed. The sales agents at Mexican Timeshare Solutions will dishonestly try to convince prospective clients that their agents can assist in legally cancelling your membership. However, unless you are within the rescission or cooling off period, you cannot cancel a vacation club membership contract lawfully. After the cooling off period has ended, no cancellation company can assist you so beware!

Are Villa Group Timeshares A Scam?

Have you heard that Villa Group timeshares are a scam? Don’t believe the hype from a company like Mexican Timeshare Solutions that operates fraudulently. The truth is, Villa Group sells genuine vacation ownership memberships and they have over 30 years in the business. The Villa Group is also recognized by the ARDA (American Resort Development Association) as a top resort provider. With 9 incredible resorts in 5 top destinations throughout Mexico, a vacation club membership with the Villa Group is in fact a valuable investment for your vacation future. With thousands of satisfied members, the Villa Group is not a scammer, but a legitimate vacation solution that could make your life and vacations that much better.

Where Can I Vacation?

Wondering where you can vacation if you invest in a valuable Villa Group vacation club membership? Currently, the Villa Group has luxurious properties in Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Islands of Loreto, Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. The Villa Group family of resorts include: Villa del Arco Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Cabo San Lucas, Villa del Palmar Cancun, Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto, Villa del Mar Puerto Vallarta, Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta and Villa del Palmar Flamingos in Riviera Nayarit. All of the Villa Group beach resorts are well equipped with spacious suites and incredible onsite amenities including luxurious spas, multiple pools, delicious restaurants and lush landscaping. Accommodation options include studios, one, two, and three bedroom suites along with elegant and well appointed penthouses. Want to learn more about becoming a member? Simply contact Villa Group today to sign up a sales presentation and tour of the resort that interests you most. After you have attended the presentation, you will have the chance to become a Villa Group member yourself.

In conclusion, take care to avoid fraudulent and dishonest cancellation companies like Mexican Timeshare Solutions. Have you been tricked into using their services?

Author: Kristen Holmes

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  1. I have quick question for you,Is there a capitol gains tax on the sale of a timeshare.

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