Is First Class Worth it for Honeymoon?

First Class Worth it for Honeymoon

Are you planning to fly first class on your honeymoon? We have four reasons why you might want to think twice about spending your money on first class tickets.

Honeymooners want the best for their honeymoon, and many couples always choose first class flying. Years ago, the passengers who sat in the front of the plane were considered to be upper class, and this always seemed to set these passengers apart from those riding on the back of the plane. The front passengers would have space and privacy, which is why honeymooners are often attracted to flying first class. Today, is different. Business class and first class are pretty much the same, (and there is nothing romantic about business class).

    4 Things to Consider Before Booking First Class Seats for your honeymoon

  1. Where are you flying?
  2. This is important. Will you be flying out of your country to Mexico or further? Most of these flights are only 5 hours long, and there is very little difference between first class and economy class seating on shorter flights. The only difference will be noticed if you are on a flight that is longer; in those instances your seats will have added space and legroom, in addition to better quality food and drinks. If you happen to be booking a flight on Air France, Singapore Air, British Airways or Emirate Airways, then these seats are actually worthy of the term “first class seats,” because the look more like a nice apartment and you can often cocoon yourself for privacy and lie down flat to sleep.

  3. What Airline Are You Booking
  4. The airline is important, and the airline that you choose will make the difference in the first class seating. If you are traveling within North America, then you might not get the first class experience that you are expecting. You might get an extra drink, and a more decent airplane meal, but really do you enjoy airplane food?

  5. Do You Really Want To Spend The Extra Money
  6. The price can really go up when you book first class seating. International flights for first class can range up to $1500, and economy is around $500. It can cost even more if you are flying across the ocean. Just think what you can do with an additional $1500 on your honeymoon. There are so many things that you and your spouse can enjoy with that extra money, such as spas, romantic dinner with a personal chef, and even renting a private yacht. Think twice before you click first class travels.

  7. Plane Type
  8. You probably think all planes are the same, but they aren’t. There are so many different types of planes, and this makes a major impact when you are booking first class seating. The older airplanes just don’t have luxury options like the new, bigger planes do. A smaller plane also doesn’t have the space either. You might end up on one of those small airplanes where the first class seating is all in one row, and sometimes your spouse isn’t even sitting next to you.

Author: Kristen Holmes