2019 Negative Villa Group Timeshare Reviews

Negative Villa Group Timeshare Review

While the word timeshares may bring a negative connotation to mind, the reality is that today’s vacation ownership memberships are a great value for your money that allow you to plan ahead for fabulous vacations at some of the best resorts in Mexico. Especially when it comes to Villa Group timeshares that is one of the top providers in Mexico that has provided consistently excellent service to its members. Have you heard of a negative Villa Group timeshare review? Most likely, there was a misconception or misunderstanding that generated a negative timeshare review as the Villa Group is committed to providing a great vacation experience for their members now and always. Continue reading below to learn the truth behind some negative Villa Group timeshare reviews that may be in fact completely false.

Negative Villa Group Timeshare Review

Negative Villa Group Timeshare Review: Timeshare Scams

The Villa Group is an award-winning timeshare provider that has over 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied vacation ownership members. With 9 locations in five of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, the Villa Group is a reputable company that is honest and does not scam its members. The reality is, most scams relate to outside companies that fraudulently pose as companies that work with or work for Villa Group. To avoid becoming a victim of a scam, always deal directly with the resort and you will avoid any potential risks or issues.

Negative Villa Group Timeshare Review: Sales Agents Are Pushy and Dishonest

This is another incident of a false statement as the Villa Group agents are highly trained and professional individuals who are more focused on providing information to potential timeshare members. In fact, salespersons are strictly prohibited from providing false information in order to entice potential buyers to purchase a membership. Timeshare salespersons are trained with an emphasis on honesty and respect, and any individuals who do not operate as such will be penalized. You can rest assured you will be treated with courtesy and respect whenever you deal directly with a Villa Group timeshare salesperson. If for any reason you have a complaint or concern, please bring it to the attention of a manager as providing excellent customer service is their number one goal and corporate mission.

Negative Villa Group Timeshare Review: Timeshare Exchanges are Difficult to Schedule

This is another example of a false complaint or review about the Villa Group Timeshare system. In fact, it is quite easy to exchange your vacation time to use at other destinations throughout Mexico. The exchange program is based upon a point system, and as long as you have enough points you are able to use them at any of the nine Villa Group timeshare resorts based upon availability. It is always best to plan ahead for your vacation time so you can make sure that the week or weeks you are available are also available at the resort. Some individuals that wait until the last moment to make their vacation plans may find their desired resort is not available, but that is more of an indication of a lack of planning than a downside or legitimate complaint about the Villa Group timeshare system.

Negative Villa Group Timeshare Review: High Maintenance Fees

Regular maintenance fees are a necessary part of every timeshare plan in order to maintain the high quality and upkeep to the resort property that you deserve. All maintenance fees are clearly outlined in the Villa Group contract, and the regular maintenance fees are reasonably priced and well within industry standards. As with any investment, the upkeep to keep a property looking great is essential, and the maintenance fees at Villa Group timeshares are affordable and well worth it so you can enjoy world-class amenities and services each and every vacation.

To conclude, now you can see that most negative Villa Group Timeshare Reviews are actually just misperceptions that are not a true representation of their business practices. Don’t fall for these false headlines, and rest assured that negative reviews are likely to simply be untrue. Don’t allow yourself to get misled by incorrect reviews. Villa Group timeshares remain a reputable and quality vacation ownership option for you and your family.

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